Alpha-Tubulin (2G6)

Alpha-Tubulin (1C7)

Beta-Actin (1D8)

Beta-Actin (9G8)

Beta-Tubulin (2F4)

Beta-Tubulin (1B6)



GST Antibody



GST (6F5) Tag antibody (isotype: IgG2a)

Beta-Actin (1D8) antibody (isotype: IgG3)

Alpha-Tubulin (1C7) antibody (isotype: IgG1)

Alpha-Tubulin (2G6) antibody (isotype: IgM)

Beta-Tubulin (2F4) antibody (isotype: IgG1)

Beta-Tubulin (1B6) antibody (isotype: IgG2b)

GAPDH (4B6) antibody (isotype: IgG1)

GAPDH (8F6) antibody (isotype: IgM)

Aflatoxins Antibody
Chloromycertin Antibody
Clenbuterol Antibody
Deoxynivalenol (DON, Vomitoxin) Antibody
Melamine Antibody
Nitrofurazone Antibody
Quinolone Antidody
Ractopamine Antibody
Salbutamol Antibody
Sudan (I, II, III and IV) Antibody
Tetracycline Antibody

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