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Coenzyme A (Free Acid)

Synonyms: Coenzyme A, Co-enzyme-A, Coenzymum A, Coenzyme A (free acid) from yeast, CoA, co-A, CoASH, co-A-SH, CoA-SH, SH-CoA, Co A-SH, co-enzyme-A, Acetyl CoA, HSCoA, HS-CoA, Coenzyme for transacetylation

CAS No.: 85-61-0
Formula: C21H36N7O16P3S.xH2O
Formula Molecular Weight: 767.53 (as anhydrous free acid)
Water: Not more than 5%
Purity: Not less than 85%
Assay (anhydrous basis): Not less than 300 Units/mg

Coenzyme A (free acid) is a coenzyme that functions as an acyl group carrier and participates in fatty acids synthesis and oxidation, pyruvate oxidation. Coenzyme A is therefore an important cofactor to the metabolism of
, fats and some amino acids. Coenzyme A is often referred to as Acetyl CoA when it is transferring an acetyl group. CoA is an almost white to slightly yellow powder, soluble in water and saline, insoluble in ethanol, ether and acetone. Appearance of solution should be clear and slightly opalescent.

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